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Video Production

Q Logics specializes in corporate videos, adverts, promos, training videos, tutorials, public service advertisements, documentaries and narrative series – basically, any and all categories of video-based content.

Our team of film professionals and creators deliver small to large scale projects with creative and technical excellence – videos that create impact.


Creating messaging the aligns with your customers is the end goal of all content. We believe success rests on one key factor, relevancy. Are you relevant to your consumer/customer?
Our scripting experts will help refine your company story and messaging to best fit your audience’s native language and platform of consumption. That means “we make videos you’d want to watch vs skip.”

Story boarding 

Depending on the scope, size, and complexity of a production, DCV will provide storyboards or pre-visualizations. These tools help explain concepts visually saving time and proving script to screen.
PreViz is great for productions that will be very involved, have many extras, or incorporate a product or set not yet built.
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